CARVE - Sculpting tools for Substance Painter


Get this set of brushes here!

For this video, I'm very excited to welcome a special guest to the 3DCA blog: Genci Buxheli is an amazing artist currently working as the Lead Character Artist - Eidos Montreal. He will be sharing with us some really nice tools that he developed for Substance Painter.

Genci's tools are a set of brushes for Substance Painter called 'CARVE', which allows you to affect the height map on a model in a way that feels much like sculpting volumes in ZBrush. I was personally very excited about the smooth brush and the effect of the carve brush on the geometry.

Here is an example of great use of these tools by the amazing Magdalena Dadela

And here is another quick demo from Genci showing the capabilities of the brushes for sculpting details like wrinkles in a creature:


And finally, here is a quick video I did with one of my recent sketches to take the tools for a spin. I found them really useful for 'last-minute changes' and additional details!

Testing the CARVE tools for substance painter from Pablo Munoz on Vimeo.

Definitely go ahead and check these tools on Genci's gumroad and grab your set! Click on the image or link below:

Get this set of brushes here!


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