The Asset Library Workshop

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IMPORTANT: The videos and content of this short course are recordings from the original live workshop and have been adapted to fit the 5-day intensive program of a self-paced course.

What’s the goal of the workshop?

This is an intensive course base on the recordings from the LIVE workshop, where I'll be walking you through the process of planning, designing, testing, creating and 'shipping' all sorts of custom assets from Advanced ZBrush brushes to PBR materials and lighting setups.

What will be covered?

The workshop will cover every stage of the process with clear steps to produce a variety of useful resources like Advanced ZBrush sculpting and detailing brushes, alphas, tileable textures, MatCaps, PBR Materials, Lighting setups, templates and a bit of marketing ;)

Who is this for?

If you are a 3D artist interested in developing your own high-quality assets to speed up workflows and improve your projects, this workshop is for you. I’ll also be covering how to share, test, pack and market your own assets as products.

You'll get access to:

  • Lifetime access to all the recordings of the lessons
  • Testing objects and workshop resources
  • All custom resources created as demos during the workshop
  • All the marketing templates from the demos
  • Access to the flowchart with the workflows
  • Access to the Private channels of the workshop (Discord)
  • Access to the workshop community resources shared folder

What People Are Saying:

You know that old saying, 'jack of all trades, master of none?' I feel like Pablo breaks any truth that there ever was to that saying. He has a wealth of knowledge to share for many different programs, and this workshop really helps to make all of them seem less daunting, and more like a package of tools that seamlessly complement one another, rather than a bunch of separate entities that are a hassle to learn. This workshop really opened my eyes to just how re-usable almost any asset can be used infinitely to make ENTIRELY different assets! (brushes / alphas / texture maps / materials / and even models!). A FANTASTIC Course!

Ryan Kelly - 3D Artist

I joined the Asset Library Workshop because I always take on highly ambitious projects, and wanted to find ways to achieve more by my own efforts, be it for personal projects or client work. The Workshop did not disappoint! We covered a lot of ground in five days, and though it was intense, it was always clear and to the point, and the provided resources, homework and access to the recorded sessions made it easy to follow up on what we learned. I am left with a ton of useful technical knowledge and around 200 assets that I created in five days. But the most important thing I learned was Pablo's overall approach and philosophy in finding additional value and multiple uses to everything you do, from the smallest brush stroke to complex projects. I believe that what Pablo is teaching in this workshop is the key not only to his great work as an artist, but as a businessman as well, and the mindset he teaches here transcends just 3D work!

Christopher Rakkestad - Freelance 3D Artist

The Asset Library Workshop will really open your eyes to the many different techniques and applications you can use to quickly create a high-quality and extensive Asset Library. I followed this as a live workshop over the course of 5 days and it was great fun and educational in the way all Pablo’s Workshops and Tutorials are. Pablo always has a way to break complex tasks down into simple steps allowing anyone to follow along and achieve impressive results. Through all of these different mini-workshops, Pablo is able to present his workflow in simple easy-to-follow steps and also demonstrates how many of the assets created can be shared between different software and asset types. The workshop even covers marketing and presenting your own asset collection which is a great bonus section to complement all the knowledge you learn in the workshop.

Keith Talbot - Artist

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