ZBrush end-to-end Creature Workshop

This is a self-paced, intensive course based on the recordings from the ZBrush Creature LIVE workshop. I'll show you my entire workflow to produce an awesome looking creature using ZBrush and Photoshop!

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“Once again Pablo delivers a fantastic intense workshop that is not simply focusing on tools but on the entire creative and efficient process and workflow from scratch to finish. It is inspiring and humbling to have the chance to peek inside Pablo’s workflow and secrets! The Creature Workshop was truly intense and fast-paced but all worth it – lifetime access allow you to review and go back in case you missed something or want to spend more time on your design. Pablo’s genuine and keen interest in sharing his knowledge with the community is such a blessing for budding or struggling artists who hit roadblocks in their artistic or technical career development."

Franck Dhotel
'ZBrush Creature Workshop' student

Here are some creatures that were created with the same workflow outlined in this course: 

“This workshop has redefined how I approach concept projects and provided me with a step by step system that makes sense to me but is also very flexible and adaptable. Pablo is an awesome teacher and he makes learning new stuff really easy. The course is well structured with defined milestones and it is easy to follow whatever your level is. I feel that the lessons learned are going to come along with me my entire career."

Gerar Revilla
'ZBrush Creature Workshop' student
Instagram / ArtStation

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This intensive course is a single payment of USD $287.
After joining, you get instant access to all the content, resources and bonuses!

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Here's what this course is all about...

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Creature workshop sketch


In this intensive workshop, I'll be guiding you through the process of creating a cool creature.

We'll plan a project together and follow a simple production structure so that all the processes are clear and can be replicated later on... more importantly, it's gonna be fun!

Creature Workshop ZBrush steps from blocking to polypaint and render


The workshop covers the steps and tools that I use in my own workflow to produce a high quality concept.

I cover sketching techniques (both in 2D and 3D), the sculpting of the creature, my approach to detailing, rendering passes within ZBrush BPR and compositing in Photoshop!

ZBrush workshop, creature final sculpt and final render side by side


The goal of this workshop is to produce a polished creature concept in ZBrush and Photoshop.

By the end of this intensive workshop, you'll have a polished piece to add to your portfolio and all the steps to reproduce the workflow to create many more creatures! 

“Pablo's creature workshop was an excellent experience. I went in expecting a step by step guide to designing a creature but what I received was so much more. The workshop touched on everything from character design theory to effective reference gathering and time management. Pablo's style of teaching is amazing, he has a way of getting complex ideas to stick in your brain. I came out of this class excited to put this workflow into practice on more creature designs."

Chris J. Brindley
'ZBrush Creature Workshop' student

Here's what you need to know...

To make the most of the workshop, you need some basic knowledge of ZBrush and Photoshop (or alternative image editor for compositing), a working copy of ZBrush and a pen tablet is strongly recommended. 

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The workshop is structured in a 5-days intensive program with sessions of 3 hours per day.

You can stick to the program and complete your concept in 5 days or go at your own pace ;)

Full Access

Once you join, you'll have lifetime access to the lessons so you can re-visit any step of the workshop.

Any resource (like brushes, materials, etc.) that you need to follow along, will also be provided.

Full Workflow

This course takes you, step-by-step, through all the stages of the process focusing on various techniques. 

Each lesson follows a process and has a specific objective so you can keep track of your progress  

A proven method!

There is lots of work that needs to be done and heaps of content to go through... but it's a lot of fun!

What's awesome about this system is that you can apply the same steps and processes to produce any other creature!

If you follow the structure of the course, each day you'll have a specific goal. The first session is all about the planning and designing. Having come up with a solid idea, we'll then move into the actual production of the creature (blocking, sculpting, detailing and texturing).  We'll wrap up with an awesome session on rendering and compositing!

The bonuses of this course include the sculpting time-lapses of the 'Malacoda' concept and you'll also get access to the high-res final comp (PSD file). 

Awesome, I want this!

“I've been in love with art for a long time and I've made sculpting my main hobby for the last 5 years. It was just until the beginning of this year when I really got into doing Zbrush more professionally, and I've watched lots of tutorials, speed sculpts, live streams and everything in between, but with this course, I felt like I was really pushing the boundaries of where I could go with my art. Now, even though my project was a bit simple, I got to learn a professional's workflow and actually understood how and when to use the tools, now I'm more confident tackling harder and more complex projects without feeling like I just began in the industry, and it feels nice."

Federico Gallo
'ZBrush Creature Workshop' student

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Price is in USD

  • Life-time access to all the lessons and bonuses
  • Custom resources for your creature projects
  • High-res PSD layered file with the final creature concept used as a demo
  • Presentation slides and the flowchart with the workflows and course structure
  • Bonus time-lapses of the Malacoda'd concept making of
  • Bonus PSD layered file with the Malacoda concept
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