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On this page, you'll find a short introduction to what 3D Concept Art is and it will also guide you through some of the resources available, based on your interest and skill level.


What's a '3D Concept Artist' anyway?

A concept artist is essentially a designer who takes an idea, interprets it and produces a set of visuals.

Ideally, the images that are created will help to set the visual style and tone of a project.  So, a 3D concept artist' role is the same, the only difference is that the 3D Concept Artist, embraces the capabilities of various 3D tools to iterate faster while maintaining a high level of quality.

In this short video you'll see the application of some 3D tools in the process of designing a character concept.

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Developing your 3D concept artist skills...

On this website, you'll find a variety of resources from quick Cheat Sheets that you can use as references for specific workflows, to comprehensive in-depth courses covering all you need to push your skills to the next level. So the question is: Where to start?

Let's keep it simple... follow the steps below and just click on 'YES' or scroll down if 'NO' is your answer to the question. If you answer YES you'll be referred to the suggested resources, if your answer is NO, then move to the next step.

1. Are you new to 3D tools?

You are an illustrator or someone that has worked primarily with  2D tools and wants to try out 3D before committing to go through a more in-depth course

YES         NO (scroll down)

2. Are you ready to commit to a course?

You are already familiar with some 3D tools like ZBrush but you are not very confident with it. Perhaps you are lacking a more structured way to approach the development of your ideas. 

YES         NO (scroll down)

3. So you just want a simpler set of steps to improve your 3D skills?

You already have some basic ZBrush knowledge but you are not 100% ready for a course. You just want something simple and informative to help you improve your sculpting skills.

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4. Do you want to improve your renders?

You are familiar with 3D tools like ZBrush but you feel you are lacking in the presentation and rendering of your meshes. Perhaps you are just looking for ways to improve your workflows and produce better quality images.

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5. Are you ready to take your ideas and concepts to the next level?

You feel that you have some of the basics covered and you are ready to commit to a more structured and systematic course that will help you to speed up workflows and take your ideas to the next level!


Are you interested in using ZBrush and 3D to create awesome Comic illustrations?


Are you passionate about creature design and want to improve your designs?


Do you want to learn the full workflow from a ZBrush sculpt to a polished illustration?