The Cheat Sheet for Compositing!

The 7 steps to compositing: a simplified approach to set up, combine and enhance your ZBrush render passes in Photoshop.

This cheat sheet has the exact same steps I use to go from a ZBrush sculpture to a polished illustration, I'll show you a simple workflow that works and that can be broken down in clear steps that are easy to follow.

The download includes the PDF with the Cheat Sheet, all the ZBrush Render passes and the composition PSD file.

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To the 7 steps for create an appealing image in Photoshop from your ZBrush render passes. Drop your name an email below to start downloading it.

I really hope you'll find this resource useful! I'd love to see what you make by following the guide.

Use the tag #ZBrush2Photoshop to share your progress!

7 very simple steps. That's all it is.

The Cheat Sheet covers the compositing process for the creature you see on the left, but the workflow is applicable to anything you want to create!

You'll also have access to the (high-res) final composition PSD file with all the layers and effects.

I hope you find it useful!

The UPDATED Cheat Sheet for Compositing

The cheat sheet has been updated with an additional creature concept and more advanced TIPS & TRICKS!


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