ZBrush detailing and texturing!

Join me in this free 3-day intensive workshop where I'll be walking you through a powerful method to add details and create textures for your ZBrush sculpts!


About the workshop:

This workshop is made out of 3 parts (one for each day) and it covers the process of polishing a ZBrush sculpt from a Dynamesh sketch, various detailing workflows and the texturing process using Polypaint in ZBrush!

To follow along, you'll need the full version of ZBrush (latest 2021.7). 

  • DAY 1: Introduction to the workflows, blocking and polishing.
  • DAY 2: Detailing workflows and refinement of the sculpt.
  • DAY 3: Texturing techniques using ZBrush Polypaint

When you register for this workshop you'll also have access to custom resources to help you block, detail and texture your sculpt. We'll also have dedicated channel for workshops in the Pablander Discord Sever and a really cool surprises awaiting for those willing to take the challenge of this workshop!

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