ZBrush Clothes & Drapery course

This is a short fast-paced course focusing on various techniques and workflows to produce different types of clothes in ZBrush for a fantasy Character (an odd spirit). The lessons cover theory and plenty of practice!

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“Very clear, well organized, easy to follow, interesting project, and process divided into several parts with the corresponding backups. What more can I say except that this course is amazing!"

Freelance Character Artist

Here are some creatures that were created with the same workflow outlined in this course: 

What is this course?

The focus of this course is the creation of Clothes in ZBrush for a fantasy character. Throughout the video lessons, I’ll share with you: workflows, a bit of theory, sculpting techniques and more than a few modelling tips and tricks to create folds, wrinkles, drapery and in general, to help you understand the behaviour of different fabrics so that you can confidently sculpt clothes for your own characters.

This short course is a single payment of USD $57.
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Why this course?

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Creature workshop sketch


The course is packed with 3.5 hours of content spread across 25 videos and it has a simple 4-part structure: Theory, blocking, sculpting and detailing of the clothes. There are also exercise files with every step of the process as a separate ZTool. 

Creature Workshop ZBrush steps from blocking to polypaint and render


The creature's base mesh is provided in the resources so that you can start working on the clothing straight away. Since the focus of the course is on the fabrics, this allows you to concentrate only on the relevant process for the creation of clothes.

ZBrush workshop, creature final sculpt and final render side by side


By the end of this course, you'll have a good understanding of the behaviour of clothes and types of folds, how to produce base meshes for clothes and multiple ways to address the modelling, sculpting and detailing of fabrics.

Here's what you need to know...

To make the most of the workshop, you need some basic knowledge of ZBrush and Photoshop (or alternative image editor for compositing), a working copy of ZBrush and a pen tablet is strongly recommended. 

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  • Lifetime access to all the lessons and bonuses
  • Custom brushes to use your own projects
  • Working files for every step of the course as ZTools
  • Bonus time-lapse for the modelling of the creature base
  • Bonus tileable alphas to detail a variety of fabrics
  • Free access to any update of this course
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